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Quick Summary

I swim twice a week with a group of women from Courtenay and Comox.
These ladies really care about how they look.  I heard a couple of my friends raving about a new shop in Comox so I thought I should drop in.  My husband Jim was playing tennis one afternoon at Anderton Park so I knew I’d have an hour or so to check out the Thrifty Girls Boutique.  Since the pandemic we have been careful with our money, otherwise I would have spent hundreds just on my first visit.
But I resisted and told the owner Sonja that I would be back.

The next week I returned to talk with Sonja for this review, and to look more closely at some outfits for my planned summer get-away.
My chat with Sonja was a little choppy because her store was busy!

Even so, Sonja showed me all around the shop, telling me about all the clothing lines she carries.
I learned about her inspiring journey from sickness into health, and the back story of her opening this shop.

I love this store.  The staff is wonderful.  The clothes are just right for me.


  • The staff is brilliant at helping you choose
  • They will tell you what looks good, and what does not!
  • Their product knowledge is great
  • Jewelry and hats can complete your new look


  • the store could be bigger
  • I wanted even more choices of tops
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Thrifty Girl Boutique is a retail clothing and accessory boutique with favorite brands like Neon Buddha and Blue Sky at lower prices than expected. 

Thrifty Girl is owned and operated by Sonja Higgin, the original thrifty girl. Sonja also sells jewelry, scarfs, hats and much more.

Great customer service is a real plus!

Thrifty Girls will treat you right!

The name may have changed but the excellence that Sonja Higgins created continues. Like most of her customers, I learned about her from friends she comes highly recommended by many of the women. 

Thrifty Girls Boutique is dedicated to treating you right. The level of service Sonja and her workers provide is excellent. Everyone gets the attention to detail that has all but disappeared in women’s retail.

Sonja and her staff help you find clothes for you. So many stores want to sell you what they have, Sonja wants to sell you what you want and what looks good on you.

It is so refreshing to have someone really listen to you and then find items that fit your style. 

Want to try something new?

Thrifty Girls have the stock and the expertise to help you find your new look as well. 

My personal experience was just as good as my friend Blaza had said it would be. I left the store with 5 pieces I was ready to travel in style. 

I walked into a bustling, friendly atmosphere. I was preparing for a trip and needed some new casual but sophisticated clothes.

This was also my first time in the story and my first opportunity to write about the business for the Comox Valley News.

I decided that the best way to find out about how Thrifty Girls worked was to have Sonja help me choose some clothes for my trip. 

Wow did I get them. 

When I wore my new clothes I received a deluge of compliments and I knew I looked good. As they say, when you look good you feel good. 

The Owner Has A Great Story

Sonja as well as being a serial entrepreneur is a cancer survivor. She currently has two businesses Thrifty Girls and The Soup Kitchen both in the Comox Mall. She started the Soup Pot on Cliffe which she sold that business still thrives.

Sonja survived Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She went through hell and beat a cancer the doctors told her would kill her. 

She had traditional treatment, chemo and surgery. Then she turned to Rick Simpson and micro-dosed with Phoenix Tears, 1 gram a day for five months.

Sonja is cancer free today.

When her Mom asked what she was going to do after her initial cancer diagnosis she wasn’t sure. She only knew she had to beat the cancer and beat it she did.

Jewelry, Scarves and Hats Too!

As well as beautiful clothes for real sized women the boutique has amazing fun jewellery, scarves and hats. It’s summer and sandals are in stock. 

Inexpensive and truly lovely jewelry on offer. I love this!

One of the things my friends told me about was the $20 bins. They love to shift through those bins looking for the perfect piece at twenty bucks.

If you are ooking for great clothes, great selection and awesome customer service, drop into Thrifty Girls Boutique. 

Enjoy the great service, selection, and style, the Thrifty Girl way.