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My wife and I have visited OMG Macaron three times so far in 2022. Each time we made our purchase with high expectations, and each time this wonderful little bakery has exceeded them. We like our croissants slightly crispy, with a buttery mouth feel, and lots of puff pastry. One time HelenMarie had a lemon tart (not always available) and she raved about it for days after.  But of course it’s the macarons that keep bringing us back.  When macarons are well-made, as they are here, they are a work of art.  They are beautiful to look at on the plate, sometimes a bright color, sometimes a subtle pastel.  The scent of almonds and sugar teases your nose delightfully. But it’s tasting the macaron that brings joy to a pastry lover.  Lift up the tiny morsel and enjoy it before you take a nibble.  The outside will crumble just a little. It’s just slightly chewy, with the flavor of the filling gently sliding across your tongue. These are not cookies to be gobbled down – these are small elegant  creations that are meant to be savored with sight, sound, taste and smell.


  • Made with love
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Exquisite and subtle aroma
  • Wonderful for special occasions
  • An unusual gift, always appreciated


  • Not inexpensive
  • Not a wide selection
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User Review
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The name of this store is wonderful because they have some of the most delicious baked goods in the entire Comox Valley!


What is a macaron you might ask?

OMG Macarons with tea at our house. Photo by Jim Van Wyck

They are small, brightly colored and very tempting. It’s impossible to resist their lusciousness.

These scrumptious cookies are made with three main ingredients, meringue, sugar, and almond flour. From this base, there is a wide range of colors and flavors for these cookies.

They are delicious and look gorgeous.

Cakes, croissants, and other fine baked goods are also available.

Here is a quick summary of our review from our new channel on YouTube.

Support this local business. It’s a treasure.

Address1822 Comox Ave, Comox, BC V9M 3M7

Phone(250) 650-3052


Here’s a map of the location of OMG Macarons


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