Too Good To Be Threw – Shopping and Donations

Most of us here in the Comox Valley have visited Too Good To Be Threw (TGTBT.) Everyone enjoys a bargain and finding the perfect piece at the thrift store is a special treat. 

As many of us think about how to be more kind to the earth, buying second hand and donating your used items To Good To Be Threw is double good. 

The selections are always changing at Too Good To Be Threw

All of the profits from TGTBT are donated to the Comox Transition Society.

If you have great stuff that you want to share, be sure to check out Too Good To Be Threw.

After you give them your quality items, you can visit one of the local stores on 5th Street or Puntledge Road and get some new items. 😎

Address239 Puntledge Rd &, 456 5th St, Courtenay, BC

Website :

On a personal note I depended on TGTBT to restock essential kitchen items when I moved to the Valley.